Many Catholics no matter their age or status in the Church know little about the Catholic Faith. The reason is simple. Many Catholics received basic instructions on Catholic Faith as children while preparing to receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Communion. By the time they became adults, they forgot most of what they learnt in the catechism classes as children. The Church has, in recognition of this lapses, introduced Sunday evening classes for teaching adults and children faith related lessons. This programme has in some parishes not captured the target audience, that is, the adult male and female parishioners. Many of them do not return to the Church in the evening once they are done with the morning Mass.


It is considered that publishing and distributing a handbook like this at affordable price will go a long way in helping Catholics to have deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith by reading such book in the comfort of their rooms, or discussing the contents collectively in families, or in social and religious organizations. Students in particular will find the book very handy both for academic knowledge and religious maturity, Evangelizers will use the book as a weapon for getting Catholic teaching and message across to Catholics and non-Catholics. Priests, Catechism instructors, and everyone involved in faith formation will find this book a companion.


Above all, any Catholic who has doubts in his mind why he should remain a Catholic rather than joining the new generation Protestant Churches will be forced to think twice after reading this books. His thinking will no longer be the same. He will not only understand why his faith should be more rooted in the Catholic Church but will aggressively move into evangelizing others and win more souls for Christ.


Specific issues covered by the book for which many Catholics may wish to have clear understanding include the truths about God, the Mystery of our Catholic Faith, the Commandments of God and His Church. Mysteries are supernatural truths revealed to us by God which our human minds alone cannot fully understand. The Mysteries tell us what we know about God, and the Commandments show us how to love Him.



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