Sitting under the shade book production authored by Edwin Nworah, has eight chapters of poetic lines. Some poems and chapter are:

Chapter 1: When The Air Is Hungry, The Air Scolds, The Queen of the Stars, Cover the Sun, Relaxation, My Likes, So Immovable, The Weaver Bird, The Monkey, Horses Run, The Donkey, The Harmattan


Chapter 2:    Man the Fool, Another Strange Dialogue, Can Man be Free, How Does He Appear?, Worldly Man Versus Spiritual Man


Chapter 3: She’s Like Her Voice, Longing Heart, Hate Me, Hate Me, Walk Into My Heart, I am Proud, I Wasn’t Afraid, Loving the Imperishable, Muzzle Me Not, Cut My Fetters, I am Not  A Chattel, A Reformed Man I am, I want to Walk About, Where Am I to Go?, Birth Places, God’s Gifts To Him, The Feet, Why The Delay, Going Into The Unknown, Heaven is Near, The Race of Life, Tune It Off, No More Crimes


Chapter 4: The Wine of Life, Bottom Trouble, Accident In Sokoto, And He Died, He Died In Defence of Liberty, Our Beloved Biafra, Justice


Chapter 5: Happy Marriage?, Child Dedication, How Many Marriages?, Strangers from Neptune, They Depart Accordingly, Ogbanje, Christian Actions, What Does One Notice?


Chapter 6:    Did All Fall?, The First Sin, God Was Pleased, The Easter


Chapter 7:    Glory Be to God, Where Was Jesus?, The Holy Eucharist, Separate Me the Sheep From, The Goats


Chapter 8:    Identical Triplets, I’ve To Fly Away, The Greatest Artist, God Incognito, Danger Everywhere, In You Our Hope Lies, A Big Contrast, God is very Angry, Imperfection Undermines, Lasting Happiness , The Two Kingdoms

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