The novel portrays “Focus and determination of a young girl to rise above all odds”. The title is well suited for this piece. The book is well articulated and brings to limelight the rewards of hard work and determination. All young girls out there should have a role model in Miriam, determined to achieve something in life. Being focused and diligent in your studies will open the door of success for you. I recommend this book to all students from primary to tertiary institution.

To the author, you have the potentials and should stop at nothing to showcase your talent. Keep the flag flying.


Dr. Naomi Samuel                                                                 

Department of Science Education                                                                    

Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka


Other comments about the book

“This is a fascinating story. It’s more like a movie than a novel”

(Dr. Naomi Samuel)

“I learnt one lesson after going through this wonderful piece… Anybody can achieve anything but just through one thing, “Determination”. This is a must read for all the youths. Kudos to the author (My wonderful Sister). You are an inspiration.

Check it out…

(Umenwosu Benedicta)

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